Documenting a day with Cambrian Wildwood: A Day of Nature, Connection, and Unexpected Success!

I first learnt about Cambrian Wildwood thanks to the incredible free workshops they offered throughout the Summer of 2022 as part of the Welsh Government's 'Summer of Fun' initiative. This opened doors to a world of activities, from sports to cultural experiences, aimed at rejuvenating the spirits of children and young people after the challenges of the pandemic.

We had not long moved to the area and the opportunity to engage in the activities at Cambrian Wildwood seemed like a great way for our daughter to connect with the local community and her new surroundings. Little did we know that her experience with the team there would turn into such cherished memories. 

The staff at Cambrian Wildwood are not just instructors; they are enthusiastic naturalists. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, they shared fascinating insights about the local flora and fauna. From the secrets of the Ancient Celtic Rain Forests to the intricate details of the smallest insects, every facet of the local ecosystem was unveiled. 

As my daughter enthusiastically shared her workshop adventures. I felt compelled to contribute, offering my photography services to enhance their online presence, I discovered that Cambrian Wildwood had a different vision for my images. As a charity, they often rely on grants to sustain their operations, and at that moment, they were in the process of applying for The Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG) by The National Lottery.

I'm happy to report that not only did my images play a pivotal role in their successful grant application, but one of my images was chosen by the Heritage Lottery to feature as their banner image in their (TWIG) press release. In the words of Katy Harris, Project Director at Coetir Anian, 'Your photo is the face of the TWIG awards'. 

The images that follow are a curated glimpse into my day with Cambrian Wildwood.

Cambrian Wildwood blog

Coetir Anian is the charity running the Cambrian Wildwood project, supported by project partner and freehold owner of Bwlch Corog, the Woodland Trust. 

I'm pleased to say Coetir Anian is receiving £90,462 to create a 50-hectare mosaic structure with dense thicket and high canopy forest in woodlands outside Machynlleth.

Huge congratulations to all the team at Coetir Anian & Cambrian Wildwood !